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Skills track

Our mountain bike skills track is situated at our MTB Camp and here you will find challenges and fun for mountain bikers at all levels! You can find drops in different levels, a crosstrack with berms, north shore, rock gardens with different levels of difficulty, tables, gaps and a bit longer section with a nice mixture of all the above mentioned.

We have developed the skills track with the purpose of offering an intense training area that challenges mountain bikers at alle levels. We use the skills track when we teach skills courses and instructor courses. When you are staying at our’s you can use the skills track for free as long as you clear it with us in advantage. Please, drop by the reception and ask when the skills track is available!

Our skills track is situated on private area and you are only allowed access when participating in a course or if you have made an agreement with us in advance. All acticity at the skills track happens at your own risk. The skills track is under constant surveillance.