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Skills track

Our mountain bike technique course is located at our MTB camp, Den Gamle Smedje. We have built the track ourselves over a number of years with the aim of creating an intensive and fun training area where mountain bikers of all levels can be challenged and develop in record time. On the track you will find drops in different heights, a cross-track with berms, north shore, stone sections in different levels of difficulty, tables (jumps), gaps, and a longer section with a good mix of all of the above.

Our technique course is intended for teaching in the context of technique courses or instructor courses. However, if you stay with us, you can also use the track free of charge. However, this is only possible during times when you have agreed with us in advance, as the track is often used for courses. Come and ask at the reception!

If you are coming from outside, you can buy access to the technical track for 50,-/adult | 40,-/child (3-12 years). However, it is important that you come by the reception first so that we can inform you if the track is available.

Our skills track is situated on private area and you are only allowed access when participating in a course or if you have made an agreement with us in advance. All activity at the skills track happens at your own risk. The skills track is under constant surveillance.