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Mountain Bike Instructor Courses

Feriecenter Slettestrand offers courses for mountain bike instructors in schools, sport clubs or corporate health clubs. We have also been involved in developing the first official certification for MTB instructors in Denmark, under the European certification, EO-MTBing. 

All our instructors at Feriecenter Slettestrand are certified D-MTBing mountain bike instructors and guides. Our instructor, Esben H. Kronborg, is also qualified through the international certification, EO-MTBing, and is also certified to teach other instructors and guides through EO-MTBing.

If you are already a mountain bike instuctor og guide or would like to train as one, then you can choose between the following two routes:

  • D-MTBing education, which is a training course where you obtain a certification as a mountain bike instructor and guide.
  • An instructor course without certification, where you get lots of useful knowledge, tools and sparring.

MTB instructor course with certification

The D-MTBing certification is owned by DGI in Denmark, but it is a part of the international EO-MTBing certification. The course is divided into three levels:

  • The first level, D-MTBing1, takes 4 days.
  • Level 2, D-MTBing2, takes 9 days.
  • Should you require or wish it, you can also take the third level, EO-MTBing. This certification is recognised in many European countries, allowing you to work professionally as a guide and instructor outside Denmark – including countries like France and Switzerland, at high-altitude and in unknown terrain.

Did you know…?

D-MTBing stands for Danish Mountain Bike Instructor-Guide.
EO-MTBing stands for European Organisation of Mountain Bike Instructor-Guides

Training courses for mountain bike instructors

Even if you are already working as a mountain bike instructor – either professionally or in a club – it can still be helpful to upgrade your qualifications or even just confer with and get advice from another instructor. Or maybe your club want to send all the instructors on a training course, where we help to put together a programme that meets your needs and wishes. This could, for example, be in connection with a fun weekend trip, where the clubs key contributors are recompensed for the huge effort they put into the daily running of the club.

Contact us

If you would like advise on which route makes most sense for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact Esben for an informal chat about the possibilities on ehk@slettestrand.dk.