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Mountain Bike Skills course

Our mountain bike skills trails  are based on the individual mountain biker, and we are very experienced with all levels ranging from beginners to elite riders – and everything in between. The courses are designed to take your mountain bike skills to the next level, give you more confidence on your bike and most important a better feeling of flow when riding sweet trails!

Facts about mountain bike skills courses

When you go on a mountain bike skill course with us, we’ll meet at the reception and from there go to our mountain bike skill course located at our mountain bike camp. Depending on your wishes, there may be time to train on the trails in the forest.

We offer a 2.5 hour skill course and it is our experience that the vast majority are satiated and have improved a lot after 2.5 hours of intensive skill training. We teach both small and large groups as well as one to one. We would recommend that within a year you take a follow up skill course. Then you’ve had time to work on all the new things you’ve learned and maybe you’re ready to build on more, or get rid of bad habits. This can be either a 2.5 hour course or a 1.5 hour course (at the 1.5 hour follow up the price is the same as our Intro course).

At Feriecenter Slettestrand, you have free access to the bike wash in connection with a skill course. You can buy access to our new, lovely warm water pool for a special price of 35,-/person if it is in connection with a course.

Please note that you attend the courses at your own risk. The instructor will design a skills course to suit your specific skills and goals. But it is solely up to you to decide whether or not you are up for an specific challenge. Please note that technique lessons on weekends, public holidays and vacations are only possible when booking a stay.

Prices in DKK for mountain bike skills courses

Number of participants per instructorStaying guests
(Price per person)
Non-resident guests
(Price per person)
1 Person1,400 DKK
(lunch included: 1,550 DKK)
1,600 DKK
(lunch included: 1,750 DKK)
2 People 850 DKK
(lunch included: 1,000 DKK)
975 DKK
(lunch included: 1,125 DKK)
3 People580 DKK
(lunch included: 730 DKK)
665 DKK
(lunch included: 815 DKK)
4 People435 DKK
(lunch included: 585 DKK)
495 DKK
(lunch included: 645 DKK)
5 People365 DKK
(lunch included: 515 DKK)
410 DKK
(lunch included: 560 DKK)
6 People310 DKK
(lunch included: 460 DKK)
345 DKK
(lunch included: 495 DKK)
7 People265 DKK
(lunch included: 415 DKK)
315 DKK
(lunch included: 465 DKK)
8-12 People220 DKK
(lunch included: 370 DKK)
270 DKK
(lunch included: 420 DKK)
By paying an extra fee of DKK 35 DKK/person you can have dinner instead of lunch. Prices are incl. ice water and excl. other drinks, which you can buy in the bar.

Prices are valid until 31/12 2022.

NOTE! We allow ourselves to be closed for a period during the winter, when there is no possibility for mountain bike courses – read more and see our current opening hours here. 

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