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Guided Wilderness Mountain Bike Tour

Join us on a 3-day rough and wild mountain bike tour through the Danish wilderness and along the rugged west coast of Jutland! Our local guides have put together the best routes, found the cosiest camping spots and sourced the best local produce for a unique and truly unforgettable nature experience in the wilds of North Jutland.

The Wilderness Mountain Bike Tour is our very own concept, and one that we are particularly proud of. It came about because this is exactly how we prefer to spend three adventurous days on our bikes in nature. The trip will give you the unique opportunity to experience wild nature, wild trails and wild food – all with the help of an experienced local guide.

Our adventure will take place on the wild west coast of Jutland, where we will bike through some of the wildest, most beautiful and most remote nature, that we have in Denmark. We will sleep in the great outdoors, tell tales around the campfire and use fantastic local produce to prepare delicious meals over open flames.

Suggested programme

Day 1

15.00-16.00: Arrival at Slettestrand with the option for coffee and cake.
Bags and sleeping bags can be dropped off in reception on arrival.

16.00: The bikes are loaded on the trailer

16:30: We meet dressed and ready at reception, where a bus is waiting to transport us along the coast and into the Danish wilderness to the west of Slettestrand. The bus will drop us off a short distance from our first camp site, and we will bike the last section of the journey. The luggage will be transported all the way to the camp site, so you don’t need to bike with it.

Once we’ve set up camp, we can relax, drink local beer, tell tales and enjoy a delicious meal of local produce. We will sleep in tents, a Lavvu or some other exciting accommodation.

Day 2

We will prepare and eat breakfast at the camp before setting off on our bikes. We will be travelling along the coast with spectacular views of the North Sea. We will ride on awesome, unmarked trails and experience nature at first hand. We will be riding for approximately 7 hours, with several shorter breaks and a long lunch break. The luggage will be transported to the next camp, so you only need to bike with the things you will need during the day.

Towards the end of the afternoon we will arrive at Madsmedjen, where chef and nature-nerd, Kresten Kronborg, will help us to prepare a delicious evening meal from local produce. And then we are free to relax in front of the fire or in the wilderness tub and reflect upon our day and the journey so far.

For those who wish, there is the option to sleep indoors from day 2 to 3.

Day 3

We prepare breakfast at the camp, before setting off to continue our journey along the coast and explore the area to the east of Slettestrand. We will bike for approximately 3 hours, with several shorter breaks on our way. The tour will end back at Slettestrand, where we can relax and soothe our tired muscles in the sauna and warm water pool.

13.00: We will round-off our adventure with a delicious lunch buffet in Restaurant Slettestrand.

Packing list

In addition to the obvious, you should bring:

  • A suitable sleeping bag for the season and a sleeping mat (we will bring lamb skins, which can be used if desired)
  • Functional mountain bike and helmet
  • A ruck sack for carrying essentials during days 2 and 3. We recommend a bag with at least 10 litres capacity.
  • 2 water bottles or a water bladder to have in your bag.
  • Extra tubes and gear drop (we will bring the most essential spare parts).
  • Head lamp and optional bike lights.
  • Swimwear and a towel.


DKK 2450 per person, based on a minimum of 8 participants

The price includes:

  • All meals from coffee and cake on arrival through to lunch on day 3.
  • Refreshments: local beer, wine, soft drinks and coffee
  • Adventurous accommodation in the open – it is possible to sleep indoors from day 2 to 3, please notify us in advance if you wish this!
  • Access to the warm water pool, sauna and wilderness tub
  • Experienced local guide for the duration of the trip

Depending on the number of participants, there will be one or two guides for the trip – max. 12 participants per guide.

Psst… We also offer our Wilderness Tour as an event on selected dates.