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Kollerup Plantation

Kollerup plantation trail is in many ways very different from the trail in Svinkløv Plantation, but it also contains many of the same elements and construction techniques. However, it does not have as difficult a passages as the trail in Svinkløv, but is much more of a rollercoaster ride with cool, long descents, perfect turns, berms

On the map above the track starts and ends at the connecting road to Svinkløv. when you drive from Slettestrand towards Kollerup, you can either drive Kollerup  trail as an extra loop to the Svinkløv trail (Svinkløv og Kollerup) or you can drive a nice trip on gravel roads to where the trail starts.

We recommend this route to all mountain bikers on all levels!

On the right you can see some pictures from the construction of the track.

Distance: 6,2 km
Altitude: 105 m
Driving time: 20-40 min.
Difficulty easy – medium

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the Nature Agency’s mountain bike code before you set off on the cool trails! There are a lot of users of our beautiful nature and it is important that everyone feels welcome and safe when using the trails. Always remember to greet other users with a smile and be “nice by nature”!